You installed what? (LANParty XI)

The same people as at LP 1, which was also at Roger's place.

23-25 March 2001; Roger, Ian, Shaun, SeanD

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Games played

  1. Unreal Tournament
  2. Crimson Skies
  3. BZFlag
  4. Tribes

Also investigated

Mod of the Party

Dark Magic again; better after a break

Beer of the Party

Tisbury Fanfare

Food of the Party

  1. Tunnock's Tea Cakes
  2. New Taz (Indian) and New Century (Chinese) - the Great Wall strikes again


You installed what?

Finding the amount of spyware and destabilising crud that had been installed on Marcus' (relatively new) PC.


Highest frags per hour

Dragonspit on Assault in Mazon Fortress: 241

Highest score

Dragonspit on Capture the Flag in Diamond Sword: 91

Longest game

Capture the Flag in HowlingGods: 43:47.74

Most uneven game

Dark Magic Assault in Mazon: we ended up taking the fight up to the enemy jump-off point.

Gratuitous silhouette shot

UT Art Award

An untitled early piece by Dragonspit (deceased)

Least washing-up

Of any LANParty yet: three coffee mugs. Plastic cups and cutlery, paper plates...

Food and Drink

While Tunnock's consumption fell to 23.5 wafers, 566.3ml of alcohol was consumed.