LANParty-Janus (LANParty VIII)

Looking back at the first year of LPs, and forward to what's next; we're still playing more Unreal Tournament than anything else; networking kit has evolved from one of us having a hub and some cat5 cable to most of the core group having at least a basic homenet; the networking this time went extremely smoothly, partly because we know what we're doing, partly because of the DHCP server that made adding machines very easy.

24-26 November 2000; Roger, SéanK, SeanD, Ian, Shaun, Isabel, Andy, Marcus, Julie, Christa

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Mod of the party

Map of the party

Beer of the Party

  1. McChouffe
  2. Dortmunder

Food of the Party

  1. Tunnock's Caramel Wafers (third win, permanent award)
  2. Plutonium Bread (aka not enough water in the dough)

Also ran

Most missed mod

Dark Magic - somehow we just didn't get round to it...


the Wall of Pizza

Ten pizza places, two Indians and one Chinese will deliver to the venue... not counting the big pizza chains, of course.

CTF in Valley of Giants

A long, long game...

Things people shouldn't have said

It's kind of a pacifist equivalent of the War Cow.
A Peace Cow?

If I've got the belt on, how many Redeemer blasts can I take?
Approximately half.

I love how long their little bodies twitch and thrash.

My arse is working overtime.


Highest frags per hour

Dragonspit on Assault in Guardia Fortress: 531

Highest score

Zen on Capture the Flag in Diamond Sword: 255

Longest game

Excessive Capture The Flag in Warrior: 1:56:12.80

Host's good neighbour award

Shaun, for managing to keep excited UT players vaguely quiet