Film review: Jason X

Dave B
15 March 2004


Voorhees a jolly good fellow.........(bad pun found while searching for details on the guns used)

Saw this on Sky the other night.

Now I am NOT a big fan of the whole Freddy/Jason/Over Serialised slasher flick genre.

However was flicking through the TV the other night and came across this little gem (well don't know if gem is the right word but....)

For those who don't know, Jason Voorhees is the ice-hockey masked psycho in the Friday the 13th series.

By episode 10 they dropped the Friday the 13th moniker and just used Jason's name - well people have been doing that for years with series like this - Nightmare on Elm Street "episodes" are likewise referred to as "Freddy [x]" (where x is an integer between 1 and - damn wheres the lemniscate on my keyboard)

Anyway, back to Jason.

Standard teen slacker flick sequel plot (although I have to admit I missed the beginning, but a little research gave me what I missed)

Basically the plot goes......

Teenage girl is sole survivor when Jason goes on a rampage in a science lab

Jason and Teen Girl get frozen

450 years later in an Alienesque way they are recovered from Earth by a salvage team made up of a load of mofu marines and a money-centric scientist/professor with a load of teenage students on board.

Teen girl is declared to be alive and thawed, Jason is declared dead and left on a slab

Jason awakes, kills girl by dunking face in liquid nitrogen/very cold stuff then shatters her face on a counter-top.

Jason then kills all the marines except one

Jason then kills all the teens (including synthetic robot chick who gets upgraded to terminator status) - he also gets to "kill" 2 holo-teens in a most amusing manner - I believe it is a parody of a scene in the original Friday the 13th movie

Of course 2 teens survive and Jason gets "killed" by the marine in a suicidal manoeuvre - using the Atmosphere of Earth 2 as a the killing weapon

Over-all a very silly movie that is funny in places it shouldn't be.

It's one of those films that parodies itself, not so savagely as the Scary Movie francise might have done, but it's fun

Would advise a watch even if only for the robochick killing machine and the holo-teen killing