Television review: Flashpoint

30 November 2009


It's a cop show, isn't it?

Well, yeah, but...

It's a cop show about a thinly-fictionalised version of the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force - basically a combination of SWAT and hostage negotiation. That gives you some idea about what it might have been like:

It could easily have been about the Shootiest Cops in Toronto. Most episodes they don't fire at all; when they do it's usually just one shot.

It could have been about perfect little tin heroes. Instead we get - yes, all right, not super-complex characters, but they are actual characters, and they do something other than prance around in nifty uniforms. And sometimes they fuck up. And they have to live with the consequences.

The bad guys get some characterisation too. Not that you have time for very much in a 42-minute show, of course, but again there's sign of some effort being made.

I am even told that the actual tactics aren't wildly far from making sense in the real world. Not perfect, but very definitely recommended.