Film review: Equilibrium

25 November 2004


I wonder if this is a bad guy? Ooh, symbolism! Not to be confused with that other film

Saw this film over the weekend. The first half hours was simply setting up a most implausible plot in the style of a French B-movie. The early action sequences really showed the lack of budget with what should have been an important example of gun skills set to look like a children's indoors firework display. Plot was a little bit too much like 1984 with the Thought Police replaced by Sense Police.

I fought the urge to walk out just long enough to be rewarded with the second gun fight. This was done excellently with a real sense of skilled fighting. Man and weapon as one and all that jazz. However after this our unwilling hero plods along through his sensory awakening and a couple of plot twists (but really nothing that surprising). Finally there's the big fight at the end. This is really fun, well choreographed slaughter and the most original kill I've seen this year.

On the whole, don't bother paying to see this. Nick it from eDonkey so long as your morals allow, failing that get it from the cheap bin at HMV after it's bombed at the cinema and come out on DVD. If only they'd stayed clear of a cheap plot and headed straight for the action sequences.