Film review: Doom

10 December 2005


I decided to go see a film in central London. Since "Doom" came out on Friday, I thought what the hell! It is a no brainer and I have enjoyed the games since 1994.

All I can say is that the games were better.

It has nice game references, great guns, good FPS sequences and some characters I thought deserved to die. Is there anything else to it? Nope, it's a small scale sci-fi version of Resident Evil with fewer zombies. Think Cthulhu-Punk without Cthulhu.

The game, Doom 3, excelled at making you crap yourself. Yes, it was dark, atmospheric and at times used flashbacks to freak you out. It gave you big kick-ass guns and very little ammo. In short it did every thing a good horror film should do: make you afraid, build tension, worry about what's behind the next door and then serve up something so disturbing that it stays with you for at least 48 hours. Think about the first time you watched the US version of The Ring.

The film does nothing like this. It borrows from Aliens, Resident Evil, Event Horizon and 28 Days Later. However, it does not get it right. The fact that they left it open for a sequel, does not fill me with confidence.

Bottom Line: Rent it or get someone else to buy the ticket. Trust me you will not be missing much if you don't see it.