LANParty XLVIII - Gone 4 a Burton

East Sheen

Attended: SeanD, SeanK, JohnI, Steven, Civi, Isi, Ian, ShaunM, Roger


Cr0wnd Game of the LANParty: Left 4 Dead.

Also Played: TF2, Guitar Hero.


Beer: Rothaus Hefe Weiss, Hop Back Summer Lightning, Meantime London Porter, Young's Best.

Food: Local Pizza, Sandviches, Italian sausage and cheese with Polenta.

Snacks: Salami, Salami, Self-Healing Cheese, Purple Yam Paste, Chocolate Cake.


Stalinist Airbrushing Award: No UT games were played at all!

Exceptional Logistical Achievement: JohnI, for driving, lifts, doing the dishes, lending a Steam account, etc.

Master Chef has a Rival Award: Civi's excellent Italian meal. Looking forward to an Iron Chef cookoff soon.

Where's My Zeitgeber Award: Staying up until 7AM on the first night.


Multiple wipes on L4D's Dead Air finale.

Defending the farmhouse in L4D's Blood Harvest with Assault Rifles.

The whole "Witch Buddy" system, and at least one novice earning the Cr0wnd achievement.

Saturday morning TF2 with a bunch of kids playing instead of watching Swap Shop.