Death Begins At 40

27-29 January 2006: Ian, SeanD, SéanK, Shaun, DaveB, DaveD, Max, JohnI, Steve, Roger

Unexpected game of the lp

Starcraft, which had the virtue of running on anything. (in fact if someone has a Mac version I could hold a Starcraft lp here without any kit transport necessary, using the 6 boxes/laptops I have lying around).

Mod of the lp

ut2k4 Destruction Demolition - for pure silliness.

Beer of the lp

Paulaner, both weisse and standard, as every bottle vanished.

Drink of the lp

Steve's sake.

Foodstuff of the lp

Unexpected award

Greenking's beer to dine with - a Greenking beer that is actually drinkable (though despite everyone's favourable comments only one of the three bottles was drunk, which suits me).

Beyond the call of duty award

Steve, Roger, DaveB and Agro - for carrying silly amounts of kit and stuff around London's transportation system.

Most over-the-top kit award

DaveB (as always).

Quote of the lp (from memory, paraphrased)

Someone to Steve while playing Eve Online: "Did you just fly through a planet?"