LANParty-Knabenschiessen (LANParty XXXIV)

10-12 September 2004; Roger, SeanD, Ian, Shaun, JohnI, Steve, Michael, James

Game of the party

Still Midnight Club 2.

UT mod of the party

CarBall. Still not great bot support, but three on three made for decent games even so.
Fraghouse Invasion might be interesting, but the weird weapons seem a bit much on top of everything else.
And we still haven't got round to AlienSwarm...

Fell flat

Starshatter. Well, at least most of you now have the demo to play with.

Beer of the Party

Special Cruel-Angel Mention: Yebisu (both the Gold and the Dark); thanks to SeanD for this.

Cheese of the Party

Petit Brie, Ma Cremerie - matured for three weeks after purchase.

Sausage of the Party

Pork and apple. "Bring your own sausages" is something to bear in mind for future events...

Rather You Than Me

The humble pig, who provided something like 90% of the meat consumed at the party

Expensive Steel Paperweight of Pragmatism Award

(clunk, as something falls to the floor)
SeanD: What was that?
Agro: Hard drive.
SeanD: Whose?
Agro: Mine.
SeanD: That's OK then.

Thanks to

Ian, for transport;
Sean and Ian and Steve, for shopping beyond the call of duty;
Everyone who turned up, for making it fun.