Pretty Strong Feelings about Nuclear Combat (LANParty XV)

21-23 September 2001; SeanD, Roger, Ian, SéanK, Neil, Shaun

FireStats player and game statistics for UT

LanParty XV

(Pretty Strong Feelings about Nuclear Combat)

Game of the LanParty

Unreal Tournament

Mutator of the LanParty

Strangelove II

Other Games

Tribes 2
Wolfenstein MP Test
That one where you blow up the scenery
  (but only in the "blowing up the scenery" room)

Memorable Situations

CTF4-Jewel of the Warlord: grabbing flags on redeemerback
Loque teaming up with the Traitor Cow on CTF4-FaceII
  (or was it the other way around?)
Trying to enthuse Neil about Tribes 2

Food of the LanParty

Tunnock's *dark chocolate* caramel wafers.

Beer of the LanParty

Paulaner Roggen: severely depleted on the first night.
How far did we get watching Pulp Fiction, anyway?