LanParty XII


Game of the LanParty

Tribes 2

Which not everyone played, but those who did were truly sucked in.

Other Games

Serious Sam
SSX (on the PS2)
Unreal Tournament (what's this doing down here?)
Crimson Skies
Midtown Madness 2
Final Fantasy IX (PS2 in PSX mode)

Memorable Situations

Vehicles exploding in that snowy valley in Tribes 2.
Shaun M's grind down the centre rail in SSX.
...and Ian failing to do the same, painfully.
Shooting Kamikaze Bombers headed for your team mates in Serious Sam.
Ian's "thing" about Werebulls, Serious Sam again.
And the Valley of Giants was probably pretty memorable (I didn't play it this

Tradition Verified

The best gaming always gets done on the last day.

Food of the LanParty

John's non-savoury contributions: "Made in Germany where sugar is cheap"

Beer of the LanParty

Hog's Back T.E.A. (Traditional English Ale)

Alcohol Consumed

Approx 1098ml

Sugar Consumed

Sorry, but to work this out, we'd need a Redeemer Calorimiter.