Norwegian Blue (LANParty X)

First LANParty without SeanD, leaving Roger and Ian as the only people who've been to all of them.

16-18 February 2001; SéanK, Neil, Roger, Ian, Shaun, Marcus

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Games played

  1. Crimson Skies (lots of it)
  2. Unreal Tournament (a little)
  3. X - beyond the frontier (not networked)
  4. Tekken Tag (PS2)

Beer of the Party

Wickwar BOB (Brand Oak Bitter)

Food of the Party

  1. SéanK's Chilli (also excruciation award)
  2. "Y Fenni" and "Chilli" Cheeses


Construction and consecration

...of Marcus' new PC on Friday afternoon. The "Never Try To Build A PC At A LANParty" meme is now safely buried.


Highest frags per hour

if on Tournament DeathMatch in The Pit of Agony: 227

Highest score

Incarnadine on CTF4 in Scandinavium (converted by Eagle): 87

Longest game

CTF4 in Jewel of the Warlord: 1:01:42.82

Most amusing death

Marcus: killed by his own rear gunner in Crimson Skies.

Most inappropriate timing

Neil: For having his car break down at the end of the party and blocking Roger's car in the drive.