LanParty-BackToBasIX (LANParty IX)

A return to East Sheen on the first anniversary of LanParty 2, and a much-needed shot of pure UT after the broad mix of games in LanParty-Millennium.

12-14 January 2001; SeanD, Roger, SéanK, Ian, Shaun, Marcus

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Games played

  1. Unreal Tournament
  2. Airfix Dogfighter
  3. Midtown Madness 2 (barely)

UT Mod of the party

  1. ChaosUT (again)
  2. Pulse Gun Madness
  3. tie: King of the Hill / Holy Wars

Beer of the Party

A hesitant award to Bitburger Pils: after the offie visit, everyone drank a la carte.

Off-Licence of the Party

Drinkers Paradise, Kentish Town


Vortex Arena in DOM-Morpheus

Did anyone actually fall to their death?

Turret Arena Experiments in Diamond Scythe

See below...

Most Annoying Hard-Coding

The maximum number of turrets in ChaosUT (4): why do you think we have a dedicated server?


Hardware Purchased

SBLive 1024, 3c905 (SéanK)


Highest frags per hour

if on CTF4 in Lucius' Pit: 474

Highest score

Dragonspit on Domination in Domination Morpheus: 168

Longest game

CTF4 in Jewel of the Warlord: 47:53.81

Hardware Excellence Award

Pyrotechnic, Roger's dedicated server.

Calling All Dentists

A total of 64 Tunnock's Caramel Wafers were consumed during the LanParty.