LP++ (LANParty VII)

13-15 October 2000; Roger, SéanK, SeanD, Ian, Shaun, NeilK

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Mod of the party

  1. Excessive
  2. CTF-4

Map of the party

  1. CTF4 Jewel of the Warlord
  2. AS Bridge
  3. CTF Deck16 ]|[ (particularly with Excessive)

Beer of the Party

  1. Dortmunder
  2. Wickwar BOB

Food of the Party

  1. Magnum Double Caramel
  2. Tunnock's Caramel Wafers (again)
  3. Udon Noodle Soup

TV distraction of the Party

The Young Ones: Bomb - which just happened to come on as we finished the Strangelove Arena games.

Also ran

Quote of the Party

IF: Is there anything in this house that doesn't contain chilli?
SK/NK: Yeah, the garlic.

Most missed mod

Friendly Fire - And probably a good thing, considering Excessive.

Special Award

DTF - Dominate the Flag - for missing the party by three days


More PCs than ever before

Six game boxes and one server; the PSX wasn't even switched on!

Strangelove Deathmatch in the Hall of Giants

Jousting, redeemer style.

Infiltration Assault in Bridge

A hard and bitterly-fought game; sniping with an M-16. Part 1 Part 2

Excessive CTF in Warrior

Shooting redeemers out of the air; sniping with rocket launcher; counter sniping with a redeemer; five humans plus four bots against one plus two, and the one still getting a flag capture


Highest frags per hour

if on Capture the Flag in Diamond Sword: 427

Highest score

Incarnadine on CTF4 in Crossroads: 160

Longest game

Excessive Capture The Flag in Warrior: 40:45.74

SéanK's Common Sense Award for not being the Traitor Cow


So Near And Yet So Far Award

A new category from CTF4: flag captures.