8-10 September 2000; Roger, SéanK, SeanD, Ian, Shaun, Marcus

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Game of the party

This award has been retired. The trophy was permanently awarded to Unreal Tournament, but was reported missing shortly afterwards.

Auxiliary Game of the party

Vagrant Story (Square, PSX)

Map of the party

  1. CTF-Lucius
  2. AS-Bankjob
  3. CTF-Warrior

Mod of the party

  1. Matrix Moves Beta 3
  2. Strangelove

Beer of the Party

Hoegaarden Julius (all 1 bottle of it)

Food of the Party

Tunnock's Caramel Wafers


Highest frags per hour

Dragonspit on Assault in Operation Overlord: 513

Highest score

Dragonspit on Capture the Flag in Project X 1.1: 135

Longest game

Capture the Flag in Project X 1.1: 49:02.95

Return of the Traitor Cow in Lucius' Pit

An unforgettable match. Included SeanD and if's collision over the pit andthe infamous 'Cow Skeet' sniping incidents.

U4eT in CTF-Warrior

A well-made map whose size and long lines of sight (unlike Project-X) allowed the proper use of U4eT's over-the-top weapons.

Roger's Haiku

Water lily pads
Rocket launchers lurk below
Admire but then move

Your kung fu is strong
But I have the Redeemer
I suggest you close


Are here.