Five Pints of Lager

23-25 June 2000; Roger, SeanD, Ian, Shaun, Marcus

FireStats player and game statistics for UT


Game of the party

Half-Life deathmatch

Also played

Unreal Tournament, Midtown Madness, Half-Life TFC, Tribes, Aliens vs Predator

Trailers watched

Tribes 2, Playstation 2

Food of the Party

Much Pizza, yakisoba, Nepalese curry and lots of bread

Beer of the Party

Rochefort 6 and better; Hoegaarden

Game of the Party

Half-Life deathmatch


Highest frags per hour

Incarnadine on Capture the Flag in Diamond Sword: 444

Highest score

if on Domination in Metal Dream: 132

Longest game

Capture the Flag in Event Horizon: 40:14.00

Highest Party Respawn Rate

Zoom Instagib on Face II (where's to hide?)

Best Visual Effects

The flame-thrower, in AvP; more specifically, the aliens moving around while on fire

Realism Award

Firing at Aliens with the smart gun, hitting a few other players, but continuing to fire anyway, as "the only way to be sure"

Lifetime Achievement Award

UT's bots (sometimes a fairly short lifetime, though)

Highest Priority Target

Ian, for being a traitor and the enemy flag carrier at the same time

Camper of the Weekend

SeanD with the Crossbow on the lights in Half-Life's flood room

Most Expected Event

Winner: Roger, sniping at every opportunity

Runner-up: Friendly Fire

Most Unexpected Event

The amount of actual gaming that got done

Surely We Should Be United Against The Common Enemy award

Ian: "Is friendly fire turned on or not?"

Marcus: "Not."

SeanD: "Don't tell him that!"

Other memories


More glorious UT crashes

This one even beats Séan's from LP3

We Need A New Image Award

"Five pints of lager?" - The waiter, as we all sat down in the curry house